SIEMENS is a German company based in Munich, founded in 1847 by Ernst Werner von Siemens. It’s a multinational company operating in multiple sectors. SIEMENS in 1958 registers the “SIMATIC” brand and in 1959 presents its first PLC, the “SIMATIC G”. In 1979 it launched the “SIMATIC S5”, with interface “STEP 5” on PC  which allows programming in the LADDER language. In 1995, the successor, “SIMATIC S7” and  “STEP7” software, was presented and continues to evolve with the actual TIA PORTAL. Without doubt, SIEMENS is one of the leading companies in industrial automation.

Definition of SIEMENS PLC programmer

Is defined a SIEMENS PLC programmer someone who know the SIEMENS system in every parts of it, interfaces and networks, software and hardware, experience in multiply industrial applications and expert of its advanced programming system called TIA PORTAL, a developer to be able to using the system in all its potential.

Who is a PLC SIEMENS programmer

The SIEMENS PLC programmer is specialized in writing programs with the LADDER / KOP and AWL languages. With accessory functions and standard blocks it makes it possible to manage complex automation. The SIEMENS expert is able to configure, create communication networks, program cycles and diagnostic panels, connect any type of sensor, camera, robot, equipment.

PLC SIEMENS Off-Line programming

Our team of SIEMENS programmers, using the working sequences, mechanical drawings and circuit diagrams, is able to design and write the complete software with HMI directly on the PC in Off-Line. This type of programming allows a reduction in development times and a containment of costs.

PLC SIEMENS Commissioning On-Site

The activities On-Site of the SIEMENS programmers begin with the switch on of the PLC and the verification of the functioning and the compatibility between software and hardware. At this point the download procedure of the PLC and HMI programs is carried out and it is verified that all the nodes of the network, that is robots, push-button panels, cameras, pumps, motors, conveyors, etc … are in communication with the PLC. Only after these preliminary activities does the real debug phase begin, where the PLC programmer, also called control engineer, manage the activities and brings the cell to the automatic cycle.

PLC SIEMENS Off-Line programming

Our specialists are available to assist the customers to fix problems on automatic lines. By phone, email, software on PC, we are able to give instruction to your technicians to identify the fault. When it is not possible, we attend directly in your facilities to support maintenance.