On-site Commissioning


GDF Group, together with its network of partners, offers a complete range of services for the installation of your systems, from the transport of machinery to final testing. Site Management, skilled workers, installation and debugging of the production lines, achievement of cycle time and quality are just some examples of the services offered to our customers.

Mechanical & Electrical installation

We provide positioning, alignment, leveling, cable laying and wiring services. The GDF Group, with our qualified technicians, take in charge the installation activities starting from the opening of the boxes to the “POWER ON” procedures.

Software commissioning

We offer the download and debug service of the PLC, HMI, Robot & CNC programs. After the “POWER ON” our technicians take charge of the systems and in complete synergy between the team and the customer carry out the test and debug activities of the lines and support the customer throughout the production “Ramp up” phase.


Thanks to our know-how we provide customers with the lines optimization service. We study solutions to improve cycle time, increase production efficiency and decrease the number of production waste. We are also able to support our customers in achieving the objectives of Process Capability & Process Performance (Cp, Cpk & Pp, Ppk).
GDF Commissioning