About KUKA

KUKA, based in Augsburg in Germany, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial robots. Founded in 1898, in 2016 it was purchased by the Chinese holding Midea Group for the amount of 5 billion dollars. KUKA was the first company in the world to build an electrically controlled six-axis anthropomorphic robot, the FAMULUS in 1973. It offers robots of different sizes and load capacities, up to 1000 kg. In 1996 decided to use Windows as the basis for the operating system of its robots, going against the current compared to other manufacturers who used dedicated and internally developed platforms.

KUKA has also been a pioneer in making itself known even outside its sector, inserting its robots in Hollywood films and creating attractions for the public, such as the “Robocoaster®”.

Definition of KUKA robot programmer

Is defined a KUKA robot programmer someone who know the KUKA robotic system in all its parts, from electronics to mechanics, kinematics, experience in different robotic applications and expert knowledge of its advanced programming language called RAPID, someone to be able to develop programs using the full potential of the system.

Who is a KUKA robot programmer

For writing robot software, KUKA programmers use the KRL language, Kuka Robot Language. KRL is a complete, low-level language, excellent for programming complex applications. The KUKA specialist is capable of:

  • Zeroing the axes.
  • Configure the system.
  • Configure welding machines and other peripherals.
  • Calculate reference (TCP and base)
  • Program logic and routes.

KUKA.Sim® programming

Kuka.Sim® is a PC application that allows the construction of a virtual robotic cell. The software allows to program robots and visualize their movement, including complex cycles can be programmed to eliminate any doubts about the feasibility of the project.
Kuka Laser cut
Kuka programming

KUKA Off-Line programming

In collaboration with mechanical and electrical designers, our KUKA programmers design 80% of the robot software in Off-Line, without the need to physically have the robotic cell available. We are able to write “company programming standards” for our customers.

KUKA Commissioning On-Site

Commissioning of the robot begins with the the connections check, TCP, BASE check and communication with the Master PLC. Paths are programmed, collision and work priority are checked in order to start debugging the automatic cycle.

KUKA Technical Support

Don’t worry if you are not yet our customer, if you have a problem on a KUKA robot contact us, we can give you the necessary support even on robots that have not been installed by us. We are available 7 days a week.

KUKA Maintenance

We provide our customers with scheduled, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services.

  • Lubricant replacement.
  • Mechanical revision.
  • Check connections and currents.
  • Memory optimization.
  • End effector maintenance (EOAT).
  • Etc …

Contact us for more information about our maintenance services.

Kuka foundry robot