FANUC Corp. is a Japanese company based in Minamitsuru-gun, born in 1972 from the separation of the “Computing Control” division of Fujitsu.

A simple and intuitive programming system, combined with a wide range of products, make FANUC one of the best brands in the world. FANUC has sold more than 500,000 units in its history and has a market share around 27% worldwide. It is one of the leading robot suppliers on the US market.

Definition of FANUC robot programmer

Is defined a FANUC robot programmer someone who know the FANUC robotic system in every parts of it, from electronics to mechanics, kinematics and movement dynamics, experience in multiply robotic applications and expert knowledge of its advanced programming language called KAREL, a developer to be able to using the system in all its potential.

Who is a FANUC robot programmer

A FANUC programmer is a specialist in programming using the KAREL language, derived from PASCAL, used exclusively by FANUC. The FANUC expert is able:

  • Calibrate.
  • Calculate reference (TCP and USER FRAME).
  • Configure the system.
  • Configure the applications.
  • Program code and trajectories.


Through the ROBOGUIDE software we can simulate the operation of the robotic cell on a PC, avoiding manufacturing errors and checking efficiency and cycle times in the preliminary phase of the project.
Fanuc Teach Pendant

FANUC Off-Line programming

Starting from from the processing sequences, mechanical drawings and circuit diagrams, our FANUC programmers are able to carry out most of the activities on the PC in Off-Line mode, substantially limiting the time and cost of debugging at the customer facilities. Depending on the needs, we can work in our offices or at our customers’ offices.

FANUC Commissioning On-Site

After the “POWER ON” our FANUC programmers take charge of the robots. In total synergy with colleagues and the customer, they carry out the robot test and debugging activities, supporting the customer from the first automatic cycles up to the entire production “Ramp Up” phase.

FANUC Technical Support

In the event of complex problems or emergencies where it is not possible to fix the problem remotely, our technicians are available for intervention at your plants. Our simple and vertical structure allows us to organize interventions quickly.

FANUC Maintenance

We offer our customers preventive, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services.

  • Lubricant replacement.
  • Axis clearance control.
  • Check connections and currents.
  • Cleaning.
  • Memory optimization.
  • End of arm tool (EOAT) maintenance.
  • Etc…

These are some of the activities included in scheduled maintenance. Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance is organized together with the customer to try to don’t affect the production plan.