Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design

The GDF Group is able to provide its customers with a full range of services for the study and design of automated systems.


With dedicated software we can simulate the operation of the cell on a PC, avoiding construction errors and verifying efficiency and cycle times in the preliminary phase of the project.

Electrical engineering design

Sizing of electrical components, realization of drawings of  in electronic format, cabinet layout. Digital transfer of drawings from paper format.
Mechanical Design

Mechanical engineering design

Mechanical drawing with 2D / 3D system, digital transfer of drawings from paper format.

Software design

Starting from the processing sequences, mechanical drawings, circuit diagrams and type of software, our team of designers is able to carry out most of the activities on the PC in Off-Line mode, limiting the time and cost of debugging at the customer’s facilities. Depending on the needs, we can work in our offices or at our customers’ offices.