COMAU was founded in 1977 by the merger of a group of companies from Turin, Italy. The first robot built by COMAU in 1978 was the POLAR, an electro-hydraulic robot which is installed on FIAT production lines. It has 32 offices and more than 9,000 employees. It is a company strongly devoted to technological innovation, owner of more than 650 patents.

In 1998 it amazed the world with the SMART H4, a robot with a hollow wrist that optimizes the simulation on PC and increases the density of robots in the single cell by reducing cycle time. Specialized in laser applications, it has a research team dedicated to this technology.

Definition of COMAU robot programmer

Is defined a COMAU robot programmer someone who know the COMAU robotic system in all its parts, from electronics to mechanics, kinematics and movement, experience in multiply robotic applications and expert knowledge of its advanced programming language called PDL2, someone to be able to using the full potential of the system.

Who is a COMAU robot programmer

COMAU programmers are specialists in the PDL2 language. The PDL2 language, a PASCAL adapted to robotics, was born with the C3G generation of COMAU controllers. A powerful, versatile, low-level language, accompanied by detailed documentation are its characteristics. The COMAU specialist is capable of:

  • Carry out Turn-Set and axis calibration operations.
  • System configuration.
  • Load / Configure technological applications.
  • Calculate reference (TOOL, UFRAME, BASE).
  • Program logic code and routes.

RoboShop® programming

RoboShop® allows you to program a 3D cell on a PC to simulate the correct functioning of the robotic cell. Included, from the same simulation you can extract the programs that will subsequently be loaded on the robot, and make On-Site activities simple with a low possibility of error.
Comau spot welding

COMAU Off-Line programming

With the COMAU system it is possible to write practically 90% of the software Off-Line. Through the working sequences, mechanical drawings and circuit diagrams, the COMAU programmers develop the programs on PC, already debugged of most errors, and shorten the time and the number of activities to be carried out at the customer plant. The “TP5 touch” teach pendant allows the construction of high quality HMI pages.

COMAU Commissioning On-Site

Commissioning of the robot begins with the start-up and verification of the operation of the system, TCP, UFRAME and communication with the PLC and “EOAT”. The path are programmed and any collisions and cycle priority between the robots are checked before starting the automatic cycle debugging.

COMAU Technical Support

With more than 20 years of experience on the field, we are a team of excellence to provide technical support on COMAU systems. Contact us without hesitation, our technicians are at your disposal 24 hours a day to bring support remotely and with interventions directly in your facilities.

COMAU Maintenance

We provide our customers with preventive, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services.

  • Lubricant replacement.
  • Mechanical revision.
  • Check connections and currents.
  • Cleaning.
  • Memory optimization.
  • Etc…

Call us to organize a meeting and discovery more about our maintenance services.