PLC definition:

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) according to NEMA, National Electrical Manufacturers Association, the association of American manufacturers of electrical equipment that defines the main set of construction standards for the United States and Canada, a PLC is:
“A digitally operated electronic device that uses programmable memory for the internal storage of instructions to implement specific functions such as logic, sequencing, recording and timing, counting, and arithmetic operations to control, through digital input/output modules. (ON/OFF) or analog (1-5 VDC, 4-20 mA, etc.), various types of machines or processes”.

Allen Bradley Training Catalog

GDF Group currently offers to its customers the best curses 100% practical for the RsLogix software for Allen Bradley PLCs of different levels and types:

  • The basic training Allen Bradley RS LOGIX BSC (Green Training) will give you the opportunity to start working with the PLC, modify, create, integrate networks and learn how to use the diagnostic system.
  • The advanced training Allen Bradley RS LOGIX ADV (Red Training) is a training focused on high-level programming, at the end of the course the RsLogix software will no longer have any secrets.
  • The Allen Bradley RS LOGIX SPD (Special Training) training are distinguished by their personalized topics. The client, together with our work team, assembles its agenda with the aim of making the most of the time and being able to train the participants specifically in what they need.


  • The “RS LOGIX ONL (On-Line Training)” born with the aim of being able to offer a fully interactive online PLC course, in “live” with an instructor and not with pre-recorded lessons.

RS LOGIX BSC (Green Training)


The “RS LOGIX BSC training (Green Training)” is aimed at students, professionals of the industries and in general, at all those who are interested in becoming familiar with the use of Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers.
The participant will integrate at a basic level industrial networks for data management, field bus control of industrial automation systems using the RS LOGIX software in KOP language and FACTORY TALK software.


General Information

  • Introduction to PLC
  • Who is Allen Bradley / Rockwell automation?
  • Classification of Allen Bradley PLCs

Project configuration

  • Tasks configuration
  • Programs
  • Routines
  • Data Base Configuration
  • System, safety and reserved routines

Description of PLC boards

  • General description of the boards
  • CPU states
  • Led, button and slot

Management of User Software

  • Download programs
  • Upload programs
  • Compare
  • Modify Off-Line
  • Modify On-Line
  • Monitoring of programs and variables

PLC LD language overview

  • LD language
  • What about ST and FBD?

Communication with ext. equipment

  • Digital I / O
  • Analog I / O
  • Network configuration using ethernet / ip
  • Network configuration using Devicenet

Introduction to PLC programming

  • Project configuration with RS LOGIX
  • Logical operations with bits
  • Internal memory markers
  • Setting and using timers
  • Setting and using counters
  • Arithmetic with integer and real values

HMI (graphical interface)

  • Allen Bradley HMI configuration
  • Allen Bradley HMI programming software overview
  • Backup of HMI
  • Restore of HMI

RS LOGIX ADV (Red Training)


The “RS LOGIX ADV training (Red Training)” is aimed at students, professionals of the industries and in general at those who are interested to becoming an expert in the use of Allen Bradley development software.
The participant will integrate at an advanced level industrial networks for data management, control and field buses of industrial automation systems using the RS LOGIX software in various languages and will implement advanced tools of HMIs in conjunction with the configuration of field devices such as inverter, encoders, drives, etc..



  • Structure of the PLC language
  • Variables / constant description
  • Syntax


  • Creation of diagnostic routines
  • Alarms and fault management
  • Time out and filters

PLC programming systems overview

  • LD language
  • ST language
  • FBD language

HMI advanced

  • HMI advanced configuration
  • HMI Firmware update
  • Data transfer and “recipes”

PLC advanced design

  • Advanced project configuration
  • Design of communication between robot and PLC
  • Design of communication with smart sensors
  • Design of communication with drives
  • Design of communication with encoders
  • Design of nets (Ethernet / Devicenet)
  • Configuration of AFD

Customized topics

  • Customer specific topics
  • Tips and shortcut