ALLEN BRADLEY, is an American company based in Milwaukee in Wisconsin. The company was born in 1903 from the will of Lynde Bradley and thanks to an investment of $. 1000 by Dr. Stanton Allen. In 1985 ROCKWELL AUTOMATION acquires ALLEN BRADLEY. The ALLEN BRADLEY brand products are of highest quality, and are the most popular PLCs in the American continent. The range of products and accessories in the catalog allows A.B. to offer complete solutions in all sectors of industrial automation.

Definition of ALLEN BRADLEY PLC programmer

Is defined a ALLEN BRADLEY PLC robot programmer someone who know the ALLEN BRADLEY system in all its parts, from hardware to software, networks, interfaces and HMI, experience in almost all the industrial application and expert knowledge of its advanced programming software named RSLOGIX, an engineer to be able to using the full potential of the system.

Who is a Allen Bradley programmer

ALLEN BRADLEY PLC programmers are specialize in software development with the LADDER / KOP and AWL languages. With standard macro functions and a simple and intuitive interface, the “Studio 5000 Logix Designer®” allows the programming of complex automatic processes. The expert ALLEN BRADLEY is able to program cycles, HMI diagnostics systems, configure the PLC, create communication networks, connect to any type of intelligent sensor, camera, machine tool, equipment.

Allen Bradley Off-Line programming

Developing Off-Line programs is the best way to successfully a project. Our team of programmers ALLEN BRADLEY, with their experience, develops the software starting from the technical documentation, without the need to have a PLC or the automatic cell installed.

Allen Bradley Commissioning On-Site

Our programmers start activities On-site during the “POWER ON”. They verify network addresses and connections of the various components of the automatic cell to avoid problems at the time of switch on. Through the dedicated software, they proceed to download the programs and, starting from this moment, our technicians take care of the debugging and testing operations in order to deliver to the customer the cell in production with the 100 % of safety systems tested.

PLC Allen Bradley Technical Support

If you have a problem on a machine controlled by PLC ALLEN BRADLEY, do not worry if you are not our customer, we can give you the necessary support even on systems that have not been installed by us. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day.