About ABB

ABB is a Swiss-Swedish group, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial robots in the world. ABB was born in 1988 from the merger of the Swedish ASEA and the Swiss Brown, Boveri & Cie. ASEA boasts the distinction of having developed the first completely electric robot controlled by a microprocessor “Intel 4004” in 1975, the ASEA IRB6. They have offices on the 5 continents and exceed the 400,000 robots installed worldwide.

ABB offers robotic solutions for all industrial sectors, the robotic painting lines built by ABB are among the best in the world.

Definition of ABB robot programmer

Is defined a ABB robot programmer someone who know the ABB robotic system in all its parts, from electronics to mechanics, kinematics and trajectories, experience in almost all the robotic applications and expert knowledge of its advanced programming language named RAPID, an engineer to be able to using the full potential of the system.

Who is a ABB robot programmer

The ABB robot programmer is specialized in writing programs with the RAPID language, owned by ABB. RAPID has the advantage of offering an infinite number of macros ready for its use. The ABB expert is able to

  • Calibrate.
  • Configure the robot.
  • Configure the peripheral equipment of the robot.
  • Reference calculation (TCP & work objects).
  • program the robot, code and paths.


The best way to avoid design errors and maximize the return on investment for robotic systems is to use a simulation software. ABB’s simulation and offline programming software, ROBOTSTUDIO, allows you to program robots on a PC in the office without interrupting production.
ABB on site programmer

ABB Off-Line programming

Our team of ABB programmers is able to design and write the robot software directly on a PC. This type of approach allows a reduction in implementation times and a containment of costs. The workplace, in its facilities or in our office, remains at the customer’s discretion.

ABB Commissioning On-Site

By downloading the programs into the robot memory, start the programming on the ABB robots. After checking the net communication with the PLC and peripheries, our technicians begin programming the trajectories, teach up, and debugging the cell up to the delivery of the line in production.

ABB Technical Support

Our specialists are available to customers to provide support on the robot. By phone, email, PC software, we are able to give tips to your technicians to try to find the fault. When it is not possible to fix in this way, we go directly in the plant to support the maintenance team to repairing the robots.

ABB Maintenance

We provide our customers with scheduled, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services.

  • Lubricant replacement.
  • Mechanical check.
  • Check connections and currents.
  • Cleaning.
  • Memory optimization.
  • Robot tool maintenance (EOAT).
  • Etc…

Maintenance operations are planned in periods when production is stopped, so as not to interfere with normal plant operations.